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I don't have any info on wether or not ACV would be ok for boys' baths, but my assumption would be that it's fine. Two reasons I'd guess that: First, their genitalia is external, rather than internal, and doesn't have the same specific pH requirements to stay healthy. Second, the natural pH of our skin and hair is very slightly acidic, so unless your someone has some sort of issue going on (as was the case for the my nanny kid), some very diluted ACV should not cause any...
 Apple cider vinegar is great for helping the balance of an adult vulva, but it is NOT recommended pre-puberty. Baking soda (1-2 TB per bath) is a better additive to a child's bath. I learned this recently and was surprised, but after doing more research of my own, it seems to be true. I'm a full-time nanny to a (fully potty trained) 2.75 yo girl. A few months ago, her parents and I started noticing some discharge in her undies, and redness on her vulva. They took her to...
  I don't have any advice for the "what age" question, but this part of your post really stood out to me. I strongly suggest reading "Protecting the Gift" by Gavin de Beker, and maybe doing a little research on "availability heuristic."  
  I use a similar recipe, with baking soda, coconut oil, and arrowroot powder (and/or cornstarch), and it works great for me. I just wanted to mention that it is WAY easier to mix up if you melt the coconut oil, rather than trying to mash it into the drys when it's solid. It'll set up on its own in several hours if you're in a cool climate, or just pop it into the fridge or freezer and it'll set up much quicker.   
I have to second SET. It's my favorite game of all time! 
I agree, stop using the neti pot until your sinuses are much less congested. But I just wanted to mention, that stinging is often caused by not enough salt, not too much (though that is possible too). 
Yeah, that "full recline in a stroller" rule is kinda nutty IMO. Car seats are at a 45* angle or more upright for all babies besides extremely low birth weight preemies or babies with breathing issues.
One suggestion I remember seeing before is to quckly scoop the child up in a tight cradle hold (with knees bent and up by the chest) and plopping them into the car like that. Then with one hand hold them back and the other quickly buckle. Some kids will improve by turning them FF early (something I do NOT suggest except as an extreme last resort!). Many other kids will continue to scream (or quickly start up again after a brief "honeymoon" phase) even after turning FF....
The Graco My Ride 65 is another seat to consider. It has a 40 lb. RF weight limit, and a 65 lb. (imagine that!) FF weight limit. Will last about as long as a Britax convertible for RF height, but with much more leg room, and a higher weight limit (so good for shorter torso, stockier kids). Has duel cup holders that seem really popular with kids. Oh, and it's also less expensive than the Radian XTSL, Britax, and the Complete Air (I think). Oh the down side, it's quite...
I really love chocolate chip cookies with FRESH cranberries. Nuts optional. The key is to let the cranberries get kinda broken up when mixing them in. SO MUCH better than dried cranberries!
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