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I'm on bio-idenitical progesterone. I see a naturopath. It has brought my periods down from 16-20 days long to 5 days! You should be able to find a doctor on this website.   http://www.naturopath.org.nz/index.html
My DD had the same issue but she also had diarrhea and she vomited a few times every week. She tested negative for Celiac but positive for dairy, wheat, gluten, rye, etc on her ELISA IGG allergy panel. After taking out all of those foods she was symptom free within 3 days.
A friend of mine has had that happen with her sleeping pills. She didn't sleep for a few days and then realized they were from a different company. Once she got the "right" ones, the meds went back to working fine!
Along with the IC I've had for 17 years, I developed a chronic 24/7 headache 5 years ago. I just went to some specialist last week and she seems to think it's all related. I will let you know what she says when I speak to her.....but she eluded to systemic yeast as well.
I notice a "change in smell" right before my period starts....like it's my hormones fluctuating, but nothing awful. I use a Diva Cup and I've never noticed a smell. Have you tried boiling it?
I have had IC for 17 years. It sucks. I hope you don't have it.
My mom just bought the Kangen water system and she has been bugging me to drink her "magic" water. Everything I seem to read about it is very biased though.....do you have lots of good information about it?   She also told me not to drink it with prescriptions.
I will look at the link, thank you! And yes, I have been exploring the possibility of doing the Paleo/Caveman diet so I will look into the FAILSAFE diet. My brother has been on the Paleo diet for 2 years and loves it.   I have gone gluten free twice with no success.....the latest was just a few weeks ago and I planned on doing it for 4-6 weeks but I ingested some gluten inadvertently at the 3 week mark and just never got back on track. I saw NO difference off of...
I have had a chronic headache for 5 years among other symptoms...achiness, tired, etc. I've had MRI's, tried medications, etc etc etc and nothing has worked. (Well I did find out I am allergic to milk but it only brought the pain down a bit......not completely)   I recently asked for blood tests to explore the possibility of an autoimmune disease.   Sedimentation Rate was 81 (normal being 0-20) Immunoglobulin A was 405 (normal range 70-400)   My naturopath...
I sleep on the right. I have a bladder issue and it's closer to the bathroom.
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