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I am so sorry... (((hugs)))
Oh my! I'm so glad it turned out ok! Thank you for sharing your story!
We tend to stay home a lot also. We just moved into a bigger town, next to a city, into a bigger house (from 900sqft cabin in the woods to 2500sqft in a small city). It seems easier now to stay home as we are all more comfortable. In our tiny house cabin fever was terrible in the winter. We do go to church on Sunday, my dd goes to youth group and helps with kids church on Sunday and Wed. Nights. And we usually ended up going into town once a week or so. It's just easier...
Thank you so much for the ideas! I'll have to keep my eyes open for things like that, she'd love any of them!
Well, I think we've officially embraced unschooling. It was slow and kind of happened by itself, but here we are. It's exciting to finally just let go. I still have my days of course, but Im getting there. I do wonder about some things though. I've been reading Homeschooling our Children, Unschooling Ourselves and it's really helped me a lot. I love how she talks about having the same fears I do, and how she overcame them. She talks a lot about her kids opportunities...
I am struggling with the same things, but my kids are younger. My oldest is 11.5, but my baby is 8 months. I have been studying midwifery on my own for 12 years, and it keeps being put on the back burner due to babies, homeschooling, deployments, a disabled husband, etc... It's exhausting and incredibly frustrating. I feel like I will never have time for me. :/
How sad. I have a "friend" who regularly excludes her oldest daughter from, well, everything, because of stuff like that. Even family fun days the poor girl gets left at home. Now she has started unschooling, and I'm so worried about this poor girl. Btw, we homeschool/unschool but I don't think she has the right motives in this case.
We are having an open house this year during trick or treating. I am making chili, served with chips, crackers and a variety of hot sauces, lol. And hot cocoa to warm your hands on!
We just moved here! I'm finding quite a few like minded people here. There are a few Facebook groups. You can look me up on there if you'd like. Amee James Gieb
Thank you for sharing! I love all the stories!
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