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Most of my shirts are SO tight, lol.
It didn't work for my siblings or dhs, but its all in fun right! Something to pass them time while we wait for our babies!
Aww, how disappointing. I've been there once with each pregnancy except this one. It's terrible. (((Hugs)))
Yay! I just came on to see if her prediction was right and it was! How exciting!
37 weeks
Yay! We are all starting to getting ready, a little at a time!
I didn't even look at the March calendar, lol. I hope I haven't jinxed myself, but I've never gone late. And actually with my super fast deliveries I'm betting my dr will want to break my water at 39 weeks, march 1, so she actually makes it in time. :/
I'm not sure I read how to do it right, lol. I think they are supposed to match? Oh we'll, mine seems to have a pattern, I'll go with it.
http://m.almanac.com/content/using-moon-predict-your-childs-birthdate My first was born when the moon was 4 days old, then 5, then 6. Soooo, February 17 the moon will be 7 days old! We shall see! Anyone want to play, lol
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