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I've had the same image of birth! I imagine its the middle of the night, I get on the shower alone, birth my baby and then call dh to come help. I've had this vision for a while, but our hot water heater isn't working great... :/ I also need quiet during labor. Last time I got up at 6 am and showered then sat in the rocking chair until it was time to go to the hospital. I delivered 20 minutes later. I never had any coaching or touching or anything. It was perfect. I...
Great job with potty traing! I'm going to wait until our new baby is a bit older to start this time. I'm so nervous!
Ripe! I love it! I'm getting so impatient for all these babies, lol. I love belly pics but it's so hard to wait at the end, lol
Thank you. Bigger means closer to the end, yay!!!
Really? You think? I can't tell this time, lol.
36 weeks today
Facebook would be SO much easier for me! Has anybody heard from WLL? I'm so excited for those babies, lol
How exciting WLL! Could be soon for you! Mine have actually calmed down some, which is odd for my pregnancies. But that's ok! We've had one kid down with a stomach bug, so I have got to get through this before I can even think about labor. I have been having intense pressure the past few days, like wow. I'm not sure how he hasn't fallen out, lol. Walking is no fun! I am so ready for the next phase though! I want to see my baby!
Thanks, I'm so ready for bed tonight! Lol
Ugh, worst night ever, congestion wise. On top of one kid throwing up, Ew. I sat up in bed from 2am on trying to breathe.
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