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Congratulations!! And I wish I could watch the slide show, , but it doesn't work on my phone, iPod or iPad.
Praying for you and your family!!!
Elv!!! I had a few dreams last night about my water breaking, lol!
I've been reading about this also. I just knew my last baby was off, I could feel him by my hip. So I spent some time working on positioning. I think this one is pretty close to facing my front and I'm wondering if that's why I'm having ctx so close together but no progress. I've been on hands and knees a LOT. I also tried some stuff to help him engage.
Thank you all! The nurses kept going on about how I'm all baby, I must wear it well. I never let them tell me my weight but I saw it the other day. 189!!! Omg. And I started about 15 lbs heavier this pregnancy, I'm not sure why. Oh well, it'll all come off soon enough! Everybody looks soooo cute!
Lol, thanks! Its amazing though, I've gained at least 50lbs! And a lot went to my bum! But I have noticed my pants are getting looser the past week, under the belly wise at least. My belly is stretched so right it feels like I'm ripping. And this is the first time I've really had stretch marks, darn!
39 weeks, farthest I've ever gone
Oh, I just wanted to say I read all the updates, but just have a few minutes on my phone at a time. :/ You are all in my thoughts though!
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