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Same today, but I should be used to it. My labors do this for weeks, then bam, out comes a baby. It's a lot of hurry up and wait, lol
I have prodromal labor for weeks. :/. I went to my dr appt today and couldn't lay down I kept getting dizzy and nauseated. The dr also felt me have a whopper of a contraction, so she asked to be monitored for a while at l&d. I spent 4 hours on the machines or walking, contractions every 3-4 minutes but no cervical change. The nurses were nervous to let me leave with how fast my deliveries are, but finally agreed to Walmart walking, as its close by. Walked almost two...
She has made a new friend and gotten out a bit more. It's made her more excited about learning and doing stuff I think. She has also been a bit more helpful around the house, seeing how unwell I have been. I think we've just had a hard season all around maybe.
Oh no! Another sick little one! So many prayers for all the babies, healthy too.
Aww, what a great birth! Congratulations!
Oh no! Prayers going up!
I am so excited! I hope you have an amazing birth!
Congrats! My last baby was born in the caul!
What a sweet baby! And you look awesome!
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