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Nukuspot I have a pic of your little one I can upload if you want..
most recent picture (from this afternoon ) we are just 8 days away from a first birthday!
Evi your your siggy is a little out of date!
Thanks for sharing! They are adorable!! So much hair!
I was hoping to be able to add this to the review section but I can't seem to make it work.. anyway, there is an MDC mama who is just starting out selling her diapers and I bought one and wanted to let the community know how wonderful they are. https://www.facebook.com/dontsewangry they are thick and plushy and really cute! the snaps make them very adjustable. Even though they are fitteds they are so thick that if we are out of the house he can wear it for a good long time...
i have seen that ad at another blog i frequent- so funny!
-sailed across the atlantic 3 times in a tall ship -have eaten alligator on two continents -lived in a shantytown in south america with no running water -married cross-culturally/racially -currently working as a lactation counselor -was attacked by a roving band of gypsy children in the Mediterranean- they picked us clean like a school of pirahnas! -have had dengue fever -had my purse snatched in a major south american city and ran down the thief to get my stuff back (in a...
liked and shared ")
I love the closeness of babywearing but I really love being able to spread the joy by giving carriers to new moms! I just gave away my backup carrier and I have 2 or 3 friends expecting babies soon
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