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http://www.stilllearninglife.com/ or http://diyhoodtoheadrestmeitai.blogspot.com/2009/05/tutorial-moved-still-available.htmli have been wanting to make this one
ok i ran a calculation assuming a male 11 lb baby with 6 oz of breastmilk if the mother were at .08. it said :-- neglible amount -- % http://www.csgnetwork.com/bloodalcolevelcalc.html
ok i found what i was thinking about.. "if a mother has a blood-alcohol content of .08% (legally drunk in many areas); her breastmilk will be .08% alcohol. Unfortunately, some people get confused and think that the baby's blood-alcohol content will then be .08% as well, but that isn't the case at all." so BAL and MAL are roughly the same, but that doesn't mean baby will be legally drunk.. baby will only get under 1% alcohol in the milk which would be a very small...
I think I remember reading that your milk alcohol level is a percentage of your blood alcohol level, so if your BAL is .08 your MAL would be .008%.. i will look for a source on that
1. you did that whole post one handed!?! amazing!2. I have been watching my friend's 8 month old along with my 2 month old. The two baby thing is SO HARD and I only do it a few hours a week! my hat is off to you. for real.3. I have not seen the woombie before. it looks great! thanks for the link!
been to 2 movies!
Birth control : I'm leaning towards a hormonal iud. My mw said the low dose of hormones seems to counter some of the side effects of the non hormonal iud such as cramping and bleeding. But I like the freedom of being able to ttc on a whim and not have to schedule an appt etc . That said we are t sure we are having more children. I guess I'm undecided.
my MW just told me today that breastfeeding can sometimes cause/continue constipation because of a release of certain hormones during a feeding.I too have CIO guilt during car rides! luckily this one is a little better about the car than my first. he would cry and cry and cry. Literally screamed through an entire 2.5 hour car ride once when he was about 5 months! Thats how I knew that I didn't have one of those babies that would cry for a few minutes and then fall...
. I took D's for his 3 week ped visit and the ped asked about tummy time (at three weeks? Really?) I told her no but a lot of baby wearingand she was like well that's good for keeping his head nice and round... my first never did "tummy time" and his neck is nice and strong g now.. I think the real reason for it is to make sure babies aren't left laying prone in baby contraptions all day. Which causes flat head and poor muscle development. So as long as baby isn't being g...
zer- to three is good http://www.zerotothree.org/
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