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Quote: I chose to pursue my dream of being a nurse when my husband hurt his back and was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in his lumbar vertebrae. He has 3 really degenerated vertebrae and 2 flat discs. The doctors say hold off on surgery as long as possible because he is only 39. My 24 year old husband had surgery for a shattered disk in January. He feels a lot better since getting it taken care of.
Quote: He got a job offer at work from a customer, and I told him to call him on it, just to get the details. I asked him what if it pays double or triple what you make now? Wouldn't you want that for your family? He then says he'd never be home (there'd be lots of traveling involved), get to do anything fun, etc. I understand that, but if it means we're better off, I think it would be worth it. I'm not understanding this. You say your income will be...
Quote: Do you mind sharing what hours you work? I'll be taking my CNA course in June and I'm also taking my pre-reqs for the nursing program. I really hope to get a 3p-11p shift working after I get my CNA cert. Also, do you work LTC or hospital? No problem. I work in LTC and I'm *supposed* to work dayshift (6:30am-2:30pm) Wed-Sun but that isn't really happening. Today I worked until 5:30pm and I usually work doubles (I don't get off until 10:30pm)...
We have an umbrella stroller that I absolutely hate because the handles are too low. We also have a full-size stroller that we use in the mall, in the grocery store, etc. because Saffron loves it and most importantly, it keeps her from trying to escape. We used to wear her all the time but she's too heavy now. Before anyone even thinks about jumping on me for saying a 20lb 1 year old is too heavy to wear, DH had spinal surgery last month and I've had back issues my...
I have an A.A. in Criminal Justice. I was going to continue on to a B.A. in Psychology but changed my mind am working on my ADN now instead.
Quote: It's a wonderful way to heal ourselves and our loved ones because our bodies can make all the chemicals we need to heal just by believing that we are healing. Our bodies can't heal cancer just by believing we're healing.
Have you been to a doctor about your thyroid? Quote: I feel so empty and worthless when I'm not pregnant. You are more than a uterus. Until you realize that, you're not going to be happy and you're not going to feel fulfilled. A therapist could probably help you, as could an increased dosage of your current anti-depressant or maybe a different anti-depressant.
Welcome! I'm currently taking my ADN pre-reqs part-time and working full-time as a CNA.
Sometimes I feel a *small* twinge of guilt when I work overtime or when I go to class/work on homework instead of spending time with the kids. Then I remember why I'm doing those things and the guilt goes away. I really don't see the point in feeling guilty so I do the best I can to not feel that way. Guilt doesn't do any good.
I actually feel sort of bad for those of you who have babies that like to be held ALL the time. How do you find time to shower, cook, clean, or anything else when you're holding the baby? Sure, you can babywear in the shower I guess and of course while cleaning, but not while cooking. Do you have your SO hold the baby so you can get things done or do you just not do them? I'm so glad my kids aren't clingy. I don't mean clingy in an insulting way, I just can't think...
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