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Quote: I really wish someone could just TELL ME that I truly did require c-section... it seems like there never is a good reason for a c-section, even with people who were in my situation. OF COURSE there are good reasons for c-sections! Pre-E is a damn good reason to have a c-section--you and/or your baby really could have died if he hadn't come out when he did. Pre-E just isn't something that you f$ck around with no matter what some of the loons...
Anyone ever feel like this sometimes? Do you ever question whether being in school is the right decision when it takes time away from your family? Not really and definitely not. I don't get stressed about school because I budget time for schoolwork. I have a 3 hour class on Monday nights and my other class is online. I'm off work on Monday and Tuesday so I study for the Monday night class on Monday morning and I work on the other class on Tuesdays. I don't really...
I don't work straight 12s, but this is my usual schedule: Wed/Thur/Fri - 8 hours Sat - 12 hours Sun - 16 hours Sometimes it gets all screwed around and I work longer hours. Like last Wednesday when I ended up working a 20 hour shift. That royally sucked. Anyway, 12 and even 16 hour shifts aren't so bad once you get used to them. In your case, you'll only be working 2 12s and have an extra day at home. I say go for it.
Quote: its not that weird. If you say so.
Quote: the second water touches my stomach i pee, i cant control it. So do you piss all over yourself if you happen to get caught outside in a downpour? How about if someone sprays you with a hose?
Damn, I guess I'm a diva. I put on make-up before my ERCS so I'd look nice for the pictures because I knew I'd be too drugged up afterward to think about it I also took along matching PJs and *gasp* showered after each of my kids was born. WTH was I thinking???
Quote: Quote: As for permanently damaging your brain? I'd like to see credible research on that issue. NIDA's got a bunch of studies. http://search2.google.cit.nih.gov/se...G.x=0&btnG.y=0 Thank you. I knew it was damaging in the short term but didn't know if there had been any studies done on permanent effects.
Quote: i wouldn't say that, but i think it is important to remember that kids sometimes read over their parents' shoulders, and the messages they are getting may not be the ones their parents are comfortable with, kwim? Then maybe their parents should tell them to quit reading over their shoulders.
I would massively PO'd if someone brought a child older than a newborn to any of my classes. Babies/toddlers crawl/walk/run around, get into things, and are NOISY. I'm paying to be there and to learn, not to be distracted by someone else's kid.
DS (7) is probably about average. He's in some special ed classes at school because he's a little behind on reading. He's also in speach therapy and has some behavioral issues; he may have ADHD. DD (3 on 2/8) seem a little more intelligent than DS but still probably in the average range. DD (1) appears to be a little bit smarter than the other two but she's only a year old so it's really a little too early to tell. I was (am) a genius in terms of IQ. ...
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