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Yesterday a UA Violation at work kept going on and on about how all the people who died on 9/11 only died because it was "their time to go". She also talks about how "Brokeback Mountain" is an evil movie because it promotes homosexuality . One time she asked me what my kids' names are and when I told her, she exclaimed, "Why on Earth would you name your child Nickolai?! Don't you know that's the name of the anti-christ?!" You should have seen her expression when I...
I get my W-2 from current job tomorrow (along with my paycheck!) but we're still waiting on mine from my old job and DH's. Great. I have a feeling that my former employer is going to be a real horse's ass about sending them out because he is about everything else. I expect I'll have to harrass him for it. Is it wrong that I hope his restaurant goes out of business?
I always took out the $150 or whatever that goes back in the drawer first, then counted the rest for my deposit. If the money ended up way off, I figured I did something wrong and re-counted.
My credit union screwed me over in a bad way, so I won't recommend using one. I only keep a bank account so I don't get charged fees for cashing my paychecks. Occasionally, I'll keep enough money in there to write a check for my house payment. Otherwise, I pay cash for everything. All of my bills are local, with the exception of my house payment, so paying them with cash is no big deal.
Quote: The best advice I was given when I was trying to make my decision was from my Godmother and she said. "I have known a lot of women who have regretted not staying at home when their children were little, however I have never met anyone that regretted staying at home and experiencing their children's youngest years." Your Godmother obviously never met me. I tried SAH something like 3 times for at least 6 months each time and each time I did, I...
I thought about Geodon when my youngest was a newborn, but my Dr. Hale book says to NOT take it while breastfeeding. I don't remember why and I don't know where my book is, but it's a definite NO. I think he has a website--maybe Google it?
My oldest (by 1 minute--he was a twin) died when he was 3 months old. I've had 2 daughters since then so now I have 3 living children and yet I still don't feel like I'm finished. I don't even LIKE small children really (I do love my kids), so I have to wonder if I'm just trying to compensate for the baby I lost? Will I EVER feel like I'm finished?
Why would I regret applying for free food to feed my family? They can't make you vaccinate as a condition of receiving for government assistance so that's irrelavent. Anyway, I've never even been asked about it for food stamps. They did ask about it at the WIC office but were very supportive of my reasons for not vaccinating.
Quote: I have no idea, but it does eventually bleach out my black yoga pants (I go commando in them). Now that HAS to be embarassing
Quote: What should I do? She just isn't working out in this family. All we wanted was a cat to love and cuddle. We got a snarly animal who seems to hate people. Sounds like you need a dog. Cats aren't exactly known for being cuddly, people loving animals.
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