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Quote: How long did it take you to not feel like a total nutjob with caring for more than one kid? Still working on it and my youngest will be a year old on Wednesday.
I tried to have a conversation with an idiot. Didn't go so well. Imagine that. DH is out of work for who knows how long because he had a diskectomy on Friday. My father couldn't work for something like 6 months after his spinal surgery but DH seems to be recovering a lot faster so we'll see. Oh, and apparently I'm a loser who made the wrong decisions in life because I don't make very much money at my job Never mind that I'm a CNA and take care of the elderly, a...
Quote: I won't buy the magazine because of their anti-WOHM stance -- don't want to support that financially -- but I'm okay with joining the message boards now. Same here. I find it very amusing that the editor was/is a WOHM but takes the anti-WOHM stance. Dr. Laura, anyone?
Can you imagine asking your doctor about this? Mine would give me that "WTF is wrong with you?" look. I've had the crotch bleaching before, too, but I have no clue what causes it. Maybe I should ask my doctor next time I see him just to see how he reacts. I bet nobody's ever asked about that before.
I love my job and I love working. I love knowing that if social security is around (doubtful, I know) when I retire, I'll be able to collect a retirement check every month because I've paid in. I love knowing that I can pay my own bills and don't need to depend on anyone else.
DS, my oldest child, will be 7 this month and his been a royal pain in my ass since I was pregnant with him. My girls are annoying at times but NOTHING like him. I'm fairly sure he has ADHD.
Where did you go to school? You can't bankrupt Federally subsidized/unsbubsidized student loans but you *may* be able to bankrupt private student loans. I'd talk to an attorney.
Quote: In the stasis booth, you are in a state of non-being, so dd wouldn't even know that I had taken a minute or two to collect myself before dealing with her in an appropriate manner. Minute or two I'd leave mine in there for hours. I'd like a transporter. That would really come in handy when I'm running late for work.
I'm a CNA and doing my pre-reqs for the ADN program at the community college. It's a competitive program with limited space but I know I'll get in--I've seen my competition and let's just say they're not *really* competition if you KWIM A lot of them scored ~19 on the ACT and have a lower GPA than I do.
Quote: The thing that bothers me is there now seems to be a trend of dad stays home and mom works. WTF? Why on Earth would that bother you? Maybe that's what the family decided was the best decision. DH is a FT student/SAHD and he's not doing it to be "trendy". He's doing it because we decided that was best for us. When he's finished with school we'll both be WOH FT.
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