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Last night I had a dream about an airplane crash. It was very real and I am trying to type everything I remember about it. I would not be paying 10 dollars if I didn't think it was important.   I dreamed that I was watching airplanes take off from the Atlanta airport. I was with my younger cousins and our deceased grandfather. We were watching a large Continental jet take off and I commented that it seemed like its tail was "dragging." One moment later, the plane...
My DD self weened at 21 months. By this age, we had gradually slowed our nursings and were down to only 1 per day: the night nursing. Then she started sleeping thru the night and it was over. I was hoping to get her to nurse as long as possible, but I was also glad in a way to have my body back. I stopped making milk. Occasionally, she would ask to nurse, and I would tell her that there was no more milk and she would put on her pitiful little cry face, so I started...
I hope this is the right place for this question. If not, I hope the mods will move it. Apologies if it is the wrong forum. My daycare provider's 8 month old baby may have chicken pox. She is headed to the doctor now to find out. If she does, I want to expose my 2 year old, since we don't plan on using the chicken pox vax. My question is: how exactly to you expose your child to an infected child? I know they can spread it by sharing a lollipop or sippy cup, but the 8...
Thank you for sharing! Good luck with your pregnancy and congrats.
Olivia was an early walker (10 months) and she hated all manner of baby-wearing. She barely tolerates the stroller. I bought one of those back-pack type harnesses and she loves it. I really don't care what anybody thinks about it. She's happy; I'm happy.
I am trying to get back into shape and lose weight. I joined a gym last week. So far, I love it and I think my body does too. Fitness experts, please critique what I am doing and let me know if I am on the right track or if I need to step it up to start losing weight. First 30 minutes: cardio on cycle or eliptical. Not very fast, but not very slow. I am able to carry on a conversation and break a light sweat. Weight machines: Started out with only 10 pounds the first...
I did body wraps followed with exfoliation and massage to look good in a certain dress for a special evening. It worked. I did look good in the dress. it drastically helped cellulite, little bulges, and overall, I looked "polished." But as the previous poster commented, it did not last. I was back to my old self in a week.
Very timely question for me. I have a cleaning scheduled for tomorrow morning and I'm pretty sure I'm going to need a filling. I'm breastfeeding a 20 month old.
When I stopped pumping for Olivia, she was 15 months old. She has always been sensitive to dairy, so I started giving her rice milk. She loves it. We buy it from the local organic food co-op near our home, but you can buy non-organic varieties anywhere. I like that it is fortified with calcium. We always provide water in a cup and juice as an occasional treat. She still nurses 1-2 times per day, mostly in the evenings.
So glad this thread is alive. I just did wk1 day 1 yesterday. It wasn't too bad. I almost feel like I could do it again tonight, but the program urges you to wait a day in between runs. also, did anyone loose weight?
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