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did anyone see the movie with benjimen bratt about the newyorican poet miguel pinero it was great
I love discorperate ,his cover of stairway to heaven, also his song about being a dental floss tycoon
kahlil gibran is one of the most beautiful writers of all time. You can read his works online. the prophet is beautiful.
Please don't judge me but I have always loved the film natural born killers. I saw it as being a representation the media, tv, true love, and the human nature.`
ok i'll admit when i was younger i was obssessed. more or less to see if when the last joker card was pulled what would they do because that was their gimmick that when the last one was came out there would be some kind of apocalipze or something like that i can't remember. looking back it was kind of creepy and mansonesque
I like two old songs by them "pass me by" and how many times" they are kind of meaningful in a twisted sort of way.
I now own a jack johnson poster. I tell my husband jacks just inspiration
I love Shakira. She may be one of the few strong female rockers, yes I said rockers, in mainstream popular music today. She has inspired me to learn how to bellydance also. Eminem is very versatile and you gotta love the whole kim thing he can't live with her he can't live without her lol. I like christina in her black hair stage with the stripped album.
darn i forgot those lol
who are your favorite bands? here is my lenghthy list. Alice in chains, nirvana,ani difranco, primus, tenacious d, pia, the beatles, the rolling stones, cream, spirit ,led zepplin, jane's addcition, sublime, 311, elton john, jack johnson, red hot chili peppers, pearl jam( l love eddie vedder) and I would marry him if i wasn't already), stevie nicks, the violent femmes, the flaming lips,portishead,the crashtest dummies, radiohead, phish, the grateful dead, leonard...
New Posts  All Forums: