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My husband was raised on a macro-biotic diet but we don't follow it anymore.I'm not even sure what it is. :
can I be spammed with gmail invites please??? slingingmamato4@yahoo.com Anyone else fiond there offers get approved much better when using gmail than yahoo?
IS anyone having issues with TT approving offers? I have offers pending since Aug 23.
Quote: I don't have much time but wanted to answer your last question lovingmommy ... I always type my username in the box. Then once I type in my username I open the offer, complete it, then go back to barbie and click to submit it for manual credit. and thanks for the kind words. I'm glad I've had the opportunity to help I have been typing in the email address iused in the offer.... i hsould be typing in my dealbarbiepays id?
Can you only do the freebies on one site? Like if I sign up for myrewards free dvr on dealbarbie I have to keep track of that and mnake sure I don't do it on another site? CaN i GET A GMAIL INVITE?
That is what I was thinking when was it published?
Oak meadows is now offering an onlione subscription service for 35 dollars a month. It sealed the deal for us.
Anyone else use Oak MEadow's here? DO you pruchase the art kit also or is it a lot cheaper to buy that stuff somewhere else?
thanks so much mama!
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