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 This may be the case for you, because you are not in the US and do not get monthly feedback assessments that your job depends on. However, I have been with LB for a while and 8 min tasks often take longer than that to do completely and thoroughly.
    I am not sure what you are talking about with Chrome. Were you a US Internet Assessor?  I have been working for LB for about 6 months and have always used Firefox.  I have heard nothing about using Chrome.    As for being let go, did you attend any of the webinars?  Did you get any feedback ratings?  Keep emailing them and someone will answer you.
SOrry, double post.
Can you please send the study material on my mail chaudhari.sarang@yahoo.com No one can send you study materials except Lionbridge. It would be a violation of our contracts.
I have been working for Lionbridge for a few months. I have had no problem whatsoever with payment. They are a completely legit company.   They do require a gmail account. It is fine if you want to set it up just for Lionbridge.  I did not set up a separate account. Lionbridge doesn't send much mail. Mostly just notices, info for you and payment info type stuff. Maybe 10-15 a month, possibly less.   As for other options, there is another company called leapforce...
You might check out Materamabilis.org . It is a Catholic charlotte Mason program similar to Ambleside. I think i spelled it right. If not, you can just google" catholic charlotte mason" and that will get you there.
This is a favor for Dh. He needs a translation/transliteration of the word for the color black. We can find translation online but it is in Arabic letters and he doesn't know how to transliterate it. Thanks!!!!
On the way home this evening, dd asked if we could read "Vagina Puddleduck" tonight. I was afraid dh would wreck the car from laughing.
It is going to be a tight one for us as well. Though goodness knows dd will stil get a craplaod of stuff from other people!
Just finished watching. That was a 12 -tissue episode.
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