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Oh, I'd be super-careful with the peanut thing.  The two times I've given it to my dd she threw up a bit later in the day.  I didn't connect it until the second time.  I won't be trialing peanut for a long long time.   Was your egg pan cast iron?  If so you need to use something else or keep your LO's pan separate.  The seasoning in the pan holds onto food that's been cooked in it.  You may already know this.  :)
I don't know about msg but I do know that natural flavors are not natural, they can be chemicals.  I guess they figure that chemicals occur naturally on the earth so they must be natural...lovely logic there.   Sometimes I feel like these kids are visions into the future.  So many of their little bodies are completely rejecting modern processed foods and can only be fed real, whole foods from nature.  It's pretty fascinating, even though it can be a pain in the arse...
If you're gonna roast one, you might as well do two.  You can freeze the stock, and the meat too for that matter.  That way you won't need to do it again for twice as long.
You can muscle test/pendulum test each spice individually.  My dd would always react to 'spices' or 'natural flavors' too and she isn't allergic to any spices - I doubt that the word 'spices' means that they are pure either.  Soy is a pretty good guess but who knows.  Heck, I'd probably react to most of those foods listed and I don't even have allergies.  ;)
I put the ACV in first and let it sit for an hour before I turn the heat on.  It does help leach the minerals out of the bones.
Its possible that the amount is fine, but since you're doing a dairy elimination you might want to wait to give them until later on and find some dairy-free ones for now.  The amount is small but there's no point in messing up your ED for it.
I'd save them up and use more bones if it isn't gelling like it should.  I'm sure it's fine, just too diluted and since it takes a bit of time to make stock you should make it worth your while.  12-14 hours works fine here.  I wouldn't bother with the gelatin personally.  Make juice jell-o with it instead.  :)
I think it would be darn near impossible to get my 5 YO to eat nutritious food if she was being exposed to any junk foods or SAD type things during the day.  I'm pretty sure she would do the same thing you're describing.  When they eat sugar or white carbs very often, everything else really does taste gross to them.  I knew a kid who took it so far that he would only eat white food.  White.  That was it.  It went on for THREE YEARS!  You could try doing things in fun...
I also think eating more fruit is fine.  It can help get you over the hump and it is absorbed easily.     I felt terrible emotionally at first, but only for a week or so.  The headaches lasted longer, maybe a few weeks.  After that things leveled out quickly.  But I also was very diligent with my CLO, vit/min supplements and detox baths.  Epsom salts are your friend.  I should buy stock in epsom salts.  I've also been doing other detox baths.  Seaweed is a goodv...
We're doing the GAPS diet as well.  I don't mind the strictness but the labor is a lot.  Although I have tons more energy now so it probably evens out.  I did the diet a few years ago with dd to help her gut issues/eczema/food intolerances.  She was symptom-free after a few months so I added in some GF grains, potatoes, etc. and eventually sugar and other icky things.  We always stayed GF though.  I don't think we stuck with the program long enough (I got pg and tired)...
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