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Quote: Originally Posted by Melda I was just peeling eggs i boiled ... and when i opened one of the eggs ... it was a boiled chick .. i have my own chickens and pick up my own eggs and i found a couple yesterday in a different spot and picked them up not thinking ... i dont know how long they were out there before i picked it up ... i want to puke ... Oh dear thats horrable for you and the chick
When will people realize it's that boys penis, if HE wants it cut, HE will get it cut.
After DS2 I had sex 2wpp.
Can't you just order it?
This is going to sound strange, but are you peeing hard, like pushing it out and it sprays in the toilet? Cause that will cause your pee to foam, and look like bubbles are in it.
Hmmm weird, in B.C Canada, they don't offer any shots till 2mo, none at birth none what so ever.
Why do people need to know who voted for what? It is really no ones business what you vote unless they want to tell you.
Quote: Originally Posted by thismama Interesting discussion. I'm curious if people would feel differently if the OP's child was a girl? Nope I wouldn't
Quote: Originally Posted by Daisie125 Personally, I wouldn't show him. I have ZERO issues with nudity, but this is a lesson on genital anatomy, and I can't see sitting there in front of my child pulling apart labia and pointing out parts. And this is coming from a mom who will probably walk around the house nude until my child complains about it I think this is probably a good time for a talk about private parts and modesty. Perhaps you could find...
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