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http://www.popthatzit.com/frame.php?id=85 YUCK PUKE GROSS
ummm ya can you say pallet fire a ton of people and one hella good time. Ah I miss those nights
OK I should win the Gross out for the night award for this one, all the gross Videos on here I have been able to watch gag free, this one actually made me puke. So if you think you can't handle it don't click the link, or have a bucket ready, I had to use my shirt. This is your final warning, you have been warned. http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=jpilonmd
Well, when I was working over a year ago, I live in a town that has a polygamous community, and a lot of the women came through the drive through, I would see any where from 2-5 per day. I guess they don't believe in car seats. And most of these were basically newborns, on the front seat.
Wow, one time my mom bro and aunt were stiiling outside during a small storm. Mom and aunt in lawn chairs my bro in the middle on the ground sitting on a rubber car mat. Hit my mom, went through to my aunt, the rubber mat must have protected my bro, he was like 3. They luckely were fine. That all I know that's what I was told.
My 5 yro, duh 6 yesterday loved it
Can you pump milk, like on a breck during school, and dive in a bottel or sippy cup, and nurse him when ever you can. Sorry i really don't have any good advice FWIW: My DS is 17mo still BF, he basically does not nurse much during the day, a few under 5 mins sips a day. He had really good nursing at night about 2-4 times. I am probebly more stress than you(won't go into details) and have been for awhile and have not lost my milk. Your body adjusts to what you baby...
Quote: Originally Posted by MamaInTheBoonies Really? Where are these non-vax'd children? Do you ask every parent what their child suffers from and then ask if they vaccinate or not? I am not sure if they exist, but I have not come across a single study comparing vax'd with non-vax'd children and any of those issues. : If we want to compare anecdotal evidence, EVERY vax'd child I know has issues ranging from extreme excema to full blown autism. Not one...
Quote: Originally Posted by Flor The same thing happened at ds's first birthday! My brother tried giving him diet Pepsi! He was actually agruing with me about it. It has no sugar, etc. I said, "Look, he's my kid, and I don't want him to have diet Pepsi." He got so offended he left the birthday party . The aspartame from diet would bother me more than the sugar from non-diet, either way a 1yo does not need pop.
Quote: Originally Posted by alegna I think the questioning had to do with how the OP was phrased. It sounded like you were saying "oh wow, that's cool, but I could never do that. I WOULD never do that." I think what you were saying (at least how I read it) was "oh wow, *could* I do that? I had these issues.... is this even an option for me?" -Angela ok ladies what I was trying to say is I don't think I could do that because I am...
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