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I really don't understand why anyone would quetion why I am asking this, what reason I have for it, that's just unfair. I am looking for attention? No I just think moms that have a UC are wonderful, and hope to be that way myself sometime. Those kinda comments are probebly why a lot of people don't ask things, they get the assumption that some people don't want to help, or can't be bothered by repliey to there post because it is out of the norm to ask that. I was asking...
Quote: Originally Posted by pamamidwife it's so weird to see posts like this. what is the point of it really? Why is it weird, I think that most people would give advise then I can resurch it more. that why we post our concerns here to get advice and reassurance.What is your point by saying that?
Quote: Originally Posted by eminencejae epidurals and pitocin have been found to possibly lower a baby's heart rate, as well as interfering with the mothers hormonal balance to keep from hemmoraging. The drugs are hard on the baby and the uterus, etc. Plus, it's not nessecary and can be harmful to cut a cord right away which is quite common for hospital births. It's also uncertain that the heavy monitoring that is done may not even be very acurate. I...
I guess when this old guy came up to us in the store looked at him and said your way cuter than you big brother WTF, as if the baby can understand that, but my poor 5yo did. He was very upset about not being cute anymore, he still is, but why do people do that it seem like once a kid is like 4-5 or something, people no longer give them compliments GGGRRR
Yuck water tastes gross unless it is ice cold. I do not belive it shocks you body.
Lately my 16mo loves my cell phone box, he likes to put stuff in it and close the lid.
All I know is my 16mo love to pull and strech his foreskin any chance he can 6yo does not lpay with it to much.......yet
I know what you all mean, but remember this anyone over 60 lived in the depresstion, so they know what it's like to not have food, I think that's why they hold on to old food and just can't let it go. My gramps was really bad at that, I dared to open his fridge one day, and he gave me some boxes of chips once, they were so old the oil in them was rancid, gross.
I also found this http://www.kellymom.com/health/meds/radioisotopes.html
New Posts  All Forums: