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He shows interest in them, but not to sure is he is too young to have them.
That's awesome!!!
16 mo here gets Booby milk , water, fruit jucies that are 3/4 water.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rhiannon Feimorgan I'd love to, but I already use a diva. Just pretend you don't
Instead of no, try don't touch because.... or ta ta or something besides that horrable NO word, somene once said, do you want you child growing up thinking it's name is NO?
Floride = Toxic waste = = don't use floride drops
Ahh so cute. That reminds me of the time when I was 4 months with DS1 and was in a car accident, and the nurse was checking for a heartbeat to make sure he was ok, and she said, he sure is moving around a ton in there, almost sounds like he is swimming and bumping off the walls, he's fine.
I would love to sign up but I prefer pads over tampons.
It's just a drink big deal, now if parents were getting FUBAR around there kids then that would not be acceptable.
What the heck would other be?
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