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That's horrible sorry that happened to him, i am sooo glad my 2 docs I see are married and have 2 intact DS's. But if I ever had to take him to see someone else I will write on his diaper, "retract my foreskin and my mom will punch you out then report you and sue you"
Quote: Originally Posted by huggerwocky My baby has some kind of dermatitis, not caused by anything I eat. The ped said something like a combination of feeling hot, dry air , sensitive skin... What laundry detergent do you suggest...MUST BE USABLE IN A HE WASHER. Our local stores only sell Tide HE and ALL HE so please provide me with links where I can buy it. Thanks Not sure but my doc suggested for me cause some irritates my skin, I...
Booby milk, everything healthy whole wheat crackers, whatever we have for supper, unless I feel it is a little un-heathy for him, gotta eat take-out sometimes. Supper is the most solids he gets a day. He is 16mo.
I got a memory foam pillow for X-mas and was posting the same ? about the smell, I just let it air out all day ouside and it took the smell away a bit, more airing will prob do the trick, try that with yours.
You are better off to give banana or avocado This is a quote from a pamphlet from the LLL "A nutritious first food that most babies like because of it's smooth consistency, ripe banana is usually readily available and contains more food values than cereals. Banana is also less likely to cause allergic reactions". ------------------------------------------------------------------------ another quote: You may wonder why we suggest starting with banana instead of...
whoops was suppose to edit not post twice
Yes they do because we know right from wrong, what's safe and what's not, BUT we were kids at one point abd we did not get to do everything we wanted.
A couple of weeks ago, he started to poop in his diaper and I said wanna go poop on the potty, he looked at me like huh? So I said, wanna go poop on the toilet, he started to run to the bathroom banged on the door, I took his pants and diaper off , set him on and held him, (potty chair is in the shop some where) He did no cry did not get scared, then plop, but i think it was the poop that was already from when he started to poop and it was stuck to his bum . Then he was...
We are very in debt and really behind on bills right now, and I said i would go back to work nights and weekends (day shifts would mean me working to pay for daycare so pointless) Dh said no way, we will work through it. I don't want you to have to work.
Thanks I think i have all those ingredents, I just might make some.
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