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[QUOTE=veganf;7070551]Yes, she does, but I'm not sure for how long. A few times when she was discussing the family's "buddy" system, she said that she was the baby's buddy until he's weaned. QUOTE] Huh? she is the babies BUDDY till they are weaned? So does that mean she's a buddy not like a mom, then when the baby weans, she passes the kid on to some other family member to look after? I don't understand what you ment, by what she said.
Sorry you feel so bad, but keep this in mind, I think I am fat and not, I have always had body issues cause of past reasons, I would like to lose 20lbs but told I don't need to, anyways with Ds1 I gained 50 lbs, lost 25 right after birth. Gained it all back when I went back to work(I worked a DQ) That was my heaviest and I was not happy at all. Got preg with gained about 20lbs-30 lbs, never kept track I already felt fat.. Had him lost about 15 right after him. Then BF...
Quote: Originally Posted by Apricot Putting it in during your period is usually suggested because it is another insurance that you are not pregnant. It's not a requirement, though. Typically, you'll need to do two appointments, one to discuss it and get testing for gonhorrea and chlaymidia and the next to get the IUD inserted. A pregnancy test as each appointment should be acceptible, but each provider was a different idea of acceptible trust/risk. ...
We kiss our kids on the lips, I mean there are OUR kids, no reason we shouldn't. Now DS1 6 next month, really does not want hugs and kisses from dad anymore, unless he wants to, must be at that age where kissing and hugging dad is un-cool or what ever they think about it. Me he still does and the 16mo, well ask him for a kiss and you get one, or he will just give us one.
No family can/would help you out?
DS is almost 16mo but yes at that age and even still seem like every 2-3 hours he's up to nurse.
Quote: Originally Posted by alexsam I would not, under any circumstances leave a pre-schooler alone. Goodness knows it is tempting (as it is in your case- I hear ya!) but even in 15 minutes, with a neighbor check, they are veunerable (not to mention, it is illigal to leave a child under 8 unattended for ANY length of time- at least in this state). There are a million things that could happen- especially to sick kids- and, as mature and trustworthy (and...
I had mine done at my 6w pp appt. 2 weeks later I got Af
I still believe it is very easy to get, if someone can explain to me how DS got them and he was around no one, then I might believe they are hard to catch. Is that not why when you get pox your not aloud at school , because they are highly contagious?
Considering when my DS was 2 and got it, and was around no one that had it, I think maybe he got it off a shopping cart at the store that maybe just maybe a person with pox germs had just been in. I believe it is highly contagious so I believe just being around your DC will do it.
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