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Oh, I am sooo glad your little guy is okay!!! Wishing you a smooth babymoon from this point on!!!
We love Yahtzee, SET, chess, Quoridor, Katamino, and Mancala. Lots of fun!!!! (DD is six, and we have been playing all of these for at least a year.)
I birthed both of my children at MMC, before the opening of the new birthing center. I loved Kathy Beach, who works through Coastal Women's. However, if I didn't work there, I would have birthed at Midcoast Hospital in Brunswick. Elsa Levy is terrific, as is Natalie Rockwell. It's a very mama/baby friendly hospital with terrific nursing staff.
I love Bagshot Row Bamboo overnights with fleece or wool covers. My favorite wool is Luxe Baby -so soft and great absorbancy. DD is a heavy, heavy wetter!
Horrrrrraaaaaayyyyyyy Kerri! I mean, the drug coverage is terrific, but the new bean is just the best news!!!
Izzy will be remembered. Holding you in the light, mama. Wishing for you peace.
If it's daytime care you are looking for, there are a number of folks in Brunswick that would have full and part time opportunities open. I don't know anyone for occasional daytime sitting. You could try Bowdoin college, but they'd need a car . . ..
Not paranoid at all! Initials are fine . . . .with younger kids, it's better not to give their name to strangers, which is exactly what you are doing when you put it on a backpack.
Whatever it is, I hope it sorts itself out soon.
You don't need an ear specialist! I have retrieved many a creepy crawly thing from ears . . . FLush with a mixture of peroxide and warm water (50/50), using a nasal aspirator (from the baby days). Flush until it's out/you feel better!
New Posts  All Forums: