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I picked 6 # of green, yellow, purple beans today and want to make some good eats.  What are your favorite way to serve 'em.  We usually just eat them raw, but I'd like to get crazy and cook them up.   I also would love recipes for other kinds of beans.  Kidney, black, pinto, and garbonzo are our favorites and I have gotten a bit bored with how I made them, so send recipes my way!!    Thanks 
DD # 2 would be in kindy this year.   We are doing Story of the World book 4 We are 1/2 way through teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons singapore math 1b (1/4 of the way done) First Language lessons (well trained mind) Map skills for today grade 3 science ~ So far we "just" have been reading a ton of books about birds, animals, rocks and minerals and doing experiments and talking walks.  Each child has a nature collection Art ~ sketch of the day...
Tacos leftovers PB and homemade J with banana's and carrots cereal or oatmeal (made with milk) topped with berries or bananas and ground flax  eggs and a toasted grain with lots of fresh fruit and veggies from the garden or fridge. Frozen pizza with salad and fruit Tomato, Pesto, mozzarella panini with fruit  homemade egg or tuna salad on bread or back to nature crackers with fruit and raw veggies
10.5 + 36 + 42 = 88.5 :)
Time flies when you're having fun.  I can't believe my baby would be going into high school this year (if she went to school).  Recently I started to feel the pressure of teaching a high school student.  Will I enable her to learn everything she needs to know?  Will I prepare her for college?  How will she do on entrance exams?  Am I worrying to much?  Not enough?     Does anyone have any words of wisdom for teaching chemistry, algebra 2 or geometry?  She wants to be...
We live in a "great district" and still homeschool because I fell that is what is best for my family now.  However, it is real comfort knowing that if or we (or our children) decide to go to school  they would end up with a good education.  You could always HS in the beginning then send them.  Do what you feel is right in your heart.  As parents we must listen to our instincts, and those instincts may change with time and experience.  Good luck with your journey.
Do you "need" to go through the charter school or are you choosing to go through the charter school?  If you decide not to go with the charter you would have much more flexibility.  I know cost is an issue for some people and that many like having the lessons all planned out, but if it's not working it's not working.  Sometimes if the material is boring, (or even to hard) I know my kids will react by refusing to do anything.  We then take time off of whatever is causing...
Look and see if your library subscribes to Mango Language Learning.  It is all on-line and free.  Our ds likes it much better than Rosetta Stone (which is bummer since we own it)..
It the end of a long busy day and I am drinking MadTown Nut Brown and good ol' water!
Caesar Salad with chicken, yum yum!
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