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Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons has been great for us.  My 4yo DD is loving it and catching on quickly. 
The Magic Tree House are quick, fun, and full of adventure.  They start of short and easy and get longer and more detailed as the series progresses. 
In our homeschool group there are several families that do this for various reasons.  I think that it is generally accepted as a good thinng to do what ever works for you andyour kids.  Good luck and have fun if you decide to homeschool.
Try sitting her up a bit while holding her, give her chin support, and external pacing. I wouldn't do the slow flow as it will wear her out. Good luck
gift cards for takeout and or gas if they are far from the hospital..
Any formula can be made into a higher cal. mix.. even generic.. Usually they just stay until dd, unless the baby was a micro, super sick or had other issues.. Also ask your ped for samples they prob. have some.
Of course you can do it! And besides they learn from us and each other so the more kids the more teachers right?! They may not learn things at the "right time" but they will.. Remember 2 heads are better than 1.. Then 5 must be better than 4 !! Good luck and keep you head up you are doing the right things and you know it!
Okay here it is.. My real feelings, pull them from school and start the real deal. Life is fun, life is good, life is for loving and learning.. Let them explore and play, interact with them, take long walks, cook, read together, relax, count the stars, answer questions, add fuel to the fire.. Just don't push. If you push they will push back and it will be no fun for any of you.. Support them and love them and you will be unschooling.
I second the Teenage Liberation Handbook.. Good food for thought for both of you!
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