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It takes a little time for both yourself and dd to get into a rythym (and this also changes as she grows or goes through a stage of new interests) so don't let yourself get down if you have some bad days - the good days make up for it in the end and once dd realises what you are working towards you will see how her own confidence takes off. What worked great for me for a stage was i would take ds and sit him on the potty everytime I needed to go (which was relatively...
I think many dads see ultrasounds as their 'in' into meeting baby and knowing a little about what is going on. I know first time around our pregnancy only became real to him once he saw the baby. And some people do need the reassurance of knowing everything is growing fine - it is never 100% as for finding out the sex pre-birth but for some the chance to prepare mentally and physically is priceless. Why not compromise on one u/s for hubby's peace of mind - rather that than...
Quote: Originally Posted by karen1968 Interesting! Do you just use bottled herbs like you get from the grocery? Or go buy special ones from somewhere? I used bottled herbs from Supermarket.
I am curious as to what births cost ... saw in the Home birth roll call that the midwives fee is between $1000 - $3000 and was quite shocked (I am South African so if I convert it to Rands it is 6x that value - $3000 here is the costs of a c/s!) what does that include, just the birth or pre & postnatal visits too? My 1st birth cost probably in the region of $1000 (R6000 - R6500) in total and that includes all pre & post natal visits and the cost of the room in the...
Will be home/water birthing this time around - had a water/hospital birth (with private midwife) first birth. Was wondering how many others here are planning homebirths so will have to sit down and work through allll these posts to catch up on everyone : Ü
I had a bad bout of flu in 1st pg and chemist friend recommended a tea of Sage & Thyme and sweetened with a bit of honey - worked like a dream!!! It is very soothing on the throat and loosens any flem in the throat so helps you heal/recover faster. I used dried herbs - filled a 3-4 cup pot with hot water added 1 tsp of each herb, sweetened to taste and drank it both hot and cold as I felt. I also use it for my toddler if he shows any signs of colds or flu we start giving...
Glad all is well - I love hearing the heartbeat! (this was way more exciting to me than seeing the baby on u/s for some reason makes it more real to me than the silent picture Ü).
Thank you was hoping to find something like this here Ü
Midge makes roly poly movements at present not often though and nothing that can be felt from the outside. first pg felt some good strong kicks much earlier.
that one is baby's secret to share with us on arrival Ü
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