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and I wanted to do a search in this forum. The search feature is gone. Did I miss something?
I followed the tute at drd and it worked great. dd1 had a great time doing it
for daytime trainers? I will likely use cotton knit..
I always used an infant pfd
I actually use mostly pfds and covers. We have a few fitteds too. You may want to try a pullup type diaper for your twins - the mhm pattern can be made as a "training pant" type diaper and is very fast to sew.
I bought my aplix from sewzannes and it seems to hold up even better with time!
He looks so sweet! I think you did a great job.
Quote: Originally Posted by HipGal I don't know if it will work, but I would carry the doll around myself. It might be more interesting to her if she sees you carry it and play with it (feeding, dressing, etc.). My dd became more interested in a Waldorf doll after I carried it around in a "sling" (just a scarf tied around me). I also kept it in her bed for awhile. I'm sure she will come around! I agree with this idea. I think she will come...
But I don't know if PUL is foodsafe. I emailed Fabrite about that weeks ago and didn't hear a response...
On the corduroy ones how did you finish the edges? I just made a couple but I used fleece so I didn't have to finish any edges.
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