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Did I miss the family picnic all of you were planning at Miakka park? (I cant seem to find that thread)
Quote: Originally Posted by aiea N, how did your trip go? I hope the twins did OK with grandma & grandpa. The trip was AMAZING! I almost cancelled it because the night before I flew out, DS had a really tough time - he went to sleep with my parents and then woke up in the middle of the night crying hysterically for me. My parents tried to calm him down for over a half hour and nothing helped. They finally came and got me and he calmed down...
Quote: Originally Posted by Jilian N, I hope the little ones are feeling better soon! There is some sort of cough/fever/snot-fest going around. Everyone in DS's school has had it. Half of his class was out last week with it. It goes away in about a week. A week? Oh no... i have to leave town for 4 days on tuesday and have to leave DC with my parents during that time... I dont know how in the world they are gong to manage 2 sick babies I...
Quote: Originally Posted by SunnyDayz We're going to the Fair tomorrow (at Robarts) and of course breakfast at the usual place first. N~Call me on my cell if you would like to join us! (I still have something for you, I forgot to give it to you last time) Hi D, Sorry I didnt call you today... I was actually planning on meeting you guys for breakfast, but to my huge surprise, DC slept till almost 8am! (they are usually up by 5:30 the...
Would anyone be up for a play date in the Sarasota area some time this weekend?
A, we are keeping our order open until Friday, so if you would like anything, you have until then. J, we are really looking forward to A's bday. Sorry we havent been able to make it to any play dates but we hope to see many of you there! Also, I know a couple of you mentionned that you think you'll be able to make it to my bday/housewarming party... dont forget to PM me your email so that I can send you the evite invitation
I dont mean to bug you all with this, but if anyone is still interested, the Frontier Coop is still open (we are keeping it open until we hit the $250 minimum for free shipping, which we are just shy of). Sooooo.... if anyone is still interested in putting in an order, you can still do so either directly on the coop board, or you can email/PM it to me. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions. Hope all of you have a great week and stay warm today
I was going to send everyone a separate invite, but though it would be easier to just post it... I am planning my birthday/ housewarming party for March 2nd. I would love for you and your families to join us. If you think you can make it, please PM me your email address so that I can send you an evite invitation.
J, I'm still trying to figure out if we can make it. I'll let you know asap (hopefully by tomorrow).
Hi mamas, Just wanted to remind those interested in this month's Frontier coop- the orders are due by noon tomorrow (Wed, feb 6). PM me if you have any questions Hope all of you feel better soon... DC are both home sick today they just cant seem to break out of this vicious cycle
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