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>>I am seen and heard just as I desire to be. I appreciate being treated with kindness & respect.<<   Oh, this is good. I can't add anything today as we're going out of town, but holding onto that thought! Or...I have 26 minutes....I shall go take my map down right now and marker it in. Thanks for letting me steal!
 Oh, love this! I remember your maps from years past. You are really talented!  I think you do; I think you have till the 14th and then have to wait till Cancer new moon. I need to change/rearrange a thing or two, also. Sweet! But why am I not seeing the kiddo....hmm.  
I dunno if y'all can see this very well, but here's this year's map.
 I say it to rhyme with Interest, assuming that's what they mean by it. Pinning (as in on a pinboard/bulletin board) with Interest?
I must be the only one who doesn't much see the draw for Pinterest
 Stealing that!
I went on a crazy cleaning rampage last night   Well...crazy for me. I actually cleaned out part of the freezer "floor", where, you know, the freezer yuck builds up and I just keep putting stuff in there anyway? Well, I didn't. I cleaned it. And the strip on the top of the fridge door, where the "weatherstripping" gets yuck in between. I cleaned there, too, and swept and mopped the galley kitchen floor. I hate floors. Did other things, too, but forgot what. Cleaned the...
 Remind me to smudge, remind me to smudge, remind me to smudge! I am a Pagan so I work in circle. I do one around the whole house and keep the quarters open the whole 3-1/2 days. But good idea on smudging! Old maps...usually I destroy them. I kept a couple, but they were on huge poster-sized foam board and I didn't want to keep building them up...so I tore them up and got rid of them, but sometimes I kept part of one. Like, when True Love and I got back together after 35...
 You're in Australia?? When you posted about your oldest, I thought Immediately of my friend in AU, whose oldest son (of 5) recently was doing the exact same thing. She WAS a member of MDC...I wonder if she still is! Surely she would have something to say to you! She got her son out of there and didn't suffer repercussions from the state...not sure how that works (I'm in the USA) but she did try to explain it. They don't have to pay for him anymore, or something. He's...
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