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I remember babydaze...vaguely! Lil'love, weren't you our young mama? I remember a cute pic of you. Weird. All these old names.
I'm up to nearly 1500 mg of magnesium a day and I haven't had any pain for two nights now. I used the pillow between the knees thing, too. Hee, I asked my dd if she would bring me a pillow for that; she brought me her stuffed killer whale! But it worked! And she was very proud in the morning. Today I've been having some pain in my leg (same side as hip pain). I said, "Ouch!" and dd stopped in her tracks and massaged my leg! She says she wants to be a massage...
Name four books on your bookshelf: Ora serrata retinae -- Valerio Magrelli The Yellow Wallpaper and Other Writings -- Chrlotte Perkins Gilman A Country Doctor -- Sarah Orne Jewett The Man in the Panther Skin -- Shota Rustaveli Name four DVDs/VHS tapes in your collection: The Servant -- Joseph Losey Ivan's Childhood -- Andrei Tarkovsky Soldier's Ballad -- Grigori Chukhai The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes & Doctor Watson -- Igor Maslenikov Name four things on...
What kinds of language questions? I imagine you don't have an English language library around? Dd asked how toilets work, so I ordered a book when I had a chance. We got Telephones, Televisions & Toilets. When she asked how elevators work, I Googled how elevators work. Google is good for just about anything. When she hears a Russian word she doesn't know, she either brings me our Russian-French dictionary or she waits and asks papa when he gets home from...
http://www.hausunterricht.org/ ?
I am so lucky 'cause my kid says all this stuff in English or French and no one around here understands! Hee!
Hey Tripke! I changed it less than a week ago. I haven't lived in Paris (though it's home) for three years, and it doesn't look like I'll be going back anytime soon (except for three months to have the baby), so I changed it. I talk about the revolution "here" and people think there's revolution in France! :LOL Damn! My kid is sleeping late! Wheee!
I take it as a really effective check on my parenting, tone of voice, etc. I mean, it really is, you know? But, yes, I can completely relate to Dalbert's corn field description! :LOL
I can just imagine the alarms going off in cyberspace. SoHappy posts here occasionally. I love all the old names mentioned. I was referring to them in my first post, but I can never just rattle off the names. Quote: I insulted ParisMaman....I still feel bad about it. Well, get over it 'cause I really don't remember it. Quote: I always think of him and wonder if he is still in Japan (?). How he is doing, etc. Hi...
I made recommendations, too.
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