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TCS -- There were three or four posters who were hardcore TCS. Every time someone posted to ask for advice in Gentle Discipline one of these posters gave TCS advice. But not only that, they dissected every other post offering advice -- in a "you are ruining your child" tone. They had a very "we are going to save the world's children through non-coercion attitude. Many posters complained and, eventually, MDC decided it did not want to host TCS discussion. Now, however,...
Kim, how neat! You see! I'm just now moving into breaking stuff down by artist instead of composer. Thanks for those tips!
Yes, and I remember who did the flaming. Gee, she has a lot of posts now!
Nah, I'd say Mamapie was, by far, the popular girl back then.
It was my idea to start this thread, but this isn't exactly what I had in the mind at the time. I had more of an Alice Miller-style psychological approach to why we limit things. That is, what issues are we carrying over from our own childhoods that lead us to decide on the limits we enforce? What influences your parenting decisions? But I'm coming to believe that this is just too complicated for this particular medium. So I'll go with the flow of this thread. I...
I had a different name pre-crash, too. There are really very few posters left over from those days. I agree with everything Britishmum and Mahdokht wrote. Quote: tcs (now banned as a subject I believe) Not anymore. And to think I couldn't stand the whole TCS thing around here at that time! Remember IcicleSpider? I just could never get over her name. I couldn't take advice from any mama with that name! :LOL...
I love your first post Bleu! Really, really nice one.
What a beautiful post! I am so inspired by it! I had dinner with a visiting journalist from France and some people from dh's office. Every single person asked questions about my dd. "Does dd like it at home?" "Yes, she's with her mommy and gets to do what she wants." "I heard dd doesn't speak any French (from dh's employee)." "Who planted that lie in your head?" :LOL "Wow! Dd speaks really good Russian!" "Yes, I know." "Why did dd leave...
Reading and writing won't help a child who doesn't know how to think. Of all the skills, in my humble opinion knowing how to think is the most valuable. I'd rather teach my 5 year-old that than all the ABCs in the world. I ask her questions all the time, like "Why do you think they're cutting down the trees in the park?"
UUMom -- For some reason, that makes me smile.
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