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Mine is exactly how you describe it Daffodil. It goes down my leg a bit, but I've had sciatica and this ain't it. Hmmm, pillow between the knees, huh? I'll try that tonight. Thanks!
Yeah, I got tired of the confusion about where I currently live! back to you!
Ah! Hilary Briss. FTR not doing those jokes here was to protect the feelings not only of all people suffering from the disease, but also those of a former poster's dd. Yeah, I know, HB most likely thinks they're hilarious.
For Habitat your children must be 16. There are volunteer "vacations." You would pay a fee, up to around 2000 per person. Global Citizens Network offers trip up to three weeks and welcomes families (all over the world). Amizade has trips to the Brazilian rainforest (conservation work), but you need 6 people. Cross-Cultural Solutions accepts families. The only other solution I can think of is for one of you parents to volunteer, then pay the expenses of...
Yep! Started about 3 nights ago. I can't sleep. I thought mine started later, too, last time, so perhaps it's the second pregnancy thing? Magnesium will help. I'm not sure a chiro will help. I see one all the time. I'll ask, though.
My dd bit as a toddler (only me) and hits (only me), though we have done a ton of work and she has improved so much that it's really getting very rare (ratio anger to hitting). Simply stating that biting/hitting was not okay or that one must be gentle with mama got us absolutely nowhere. Children need more than that to understand: I have used a combination of diet (more protein), acceptance, empathy, gross motor activities, impulse control and modelling. The tool...
I have to say it. I know, I know. I have a problem. :LOL I am fairly uncomfortable with throwing around the term "low class." There, I said it. Here is spanking is pretty much the norm.
Psst! Hilary/JW = same person. Happy anniversary!
Hmm, I'm a buff! I don't have collections, though. I think one of your best bets would be to buy some movie soundtracks. Off the top of my head, Death in Venice, Ordinary People, Gallipoli and Barry Lyndon all had some good pieces. Okay, I just looked and there's a CD with pieces from various movies (all the ones I just mentioned). It's called Classics Go to the Movies. Listening to the radio (back when I could listen to a classical radio station) helped me...
I have the book Starbright -- Meditations for Children . I'm trying to get dd excited about it, but she takes it all very literally. I know a rainbow meditation in which you ask the child to feel himself as each color of the rainbow (ie "Now you are orange. Feel yourself orange!") Then you ask him to feel himself all the colors of the rainbow, getting bigger and bigger, filling the whole room. You can just ad lib it. I also love Valerie Worth's simple poems about...
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