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Quote: Wolf's theory is that from a very young age kids can understand "With mom, I can negotiate the rules, but Dad doesn't allow that" or "With mom, she doesn't like it if we scream like banshees and run around the house, but Dad doesn't mind at all" I grew up with an extreme example of this, and I think it was very unhealthy. I think when, for example, dad isn't around and mom allows the dc to do things that dad has forbidden (or would get angry...
She can't ignore it just one time when she's right in front of someone? One time? The little girl got no reaction from slapping her mom across the face in front of someone. Do you honestly think that the little girl got the message that it's perfectly okay to hit mommy and now she's going to do it anytime she pleases? I have ignored hits. At that moment it was better that I did.
Thanks for the ideas everyone. I need to order some playsilks once I move back to Europe. We use laundry scoops too! A lot of felt scraps. We've been making pillows out of old pillow cases (bought a ton of filling for about 10 US cents). Dd likes to use a plastic needle to practice sewing on old socks. She got craft sticks from someone a couple of birthdays ago and we still have a ton of them. She uses those and some stiff felt scraps to make "pictures" on paper,...
Quote: and I'm sure I'll learn something new I was thinking so too, but the subtitle throws me for a loop. Anyway, I can't get it till I move from here in August, so you've got plenty of time to write your book review!
Wow! I want to meet that woman! What she said is so cool!
Quote: You sound like a really dedicated mother and I honestly don't think that you'll be 'neglecting' their schooling if you take a few days to unpack. Ditto. But I would change "neglecting their schooling" to "neglecting your kids." Doesn't seem possible!
Somehow when I saw this title on the front page I had the intuition it was you. But, um, HELLO?? Don't I get the news first?? I'm joking. Really I am. OMG we may actually see each other one day now! If I ever make it home with two kids. Oops. Just saw your most recent post. I'm sorry.
Well, my kid probably eats a lot of stuff that many western adults wouldn't be too happy to eat. We don't have a whole lot of variety around here. Like all these nice health foods like the whichamacallit sheets. Since she was around 2, though, she's been shoveling in the nutritional yeast -- straight from the precious box we bring back from France. Not sure how she gets that down! Her favorite veggies are broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, Brussels sprouts. She...
Yikes! Wrong thread.
I have this book on my wishlist. But I've been wondering if I will get much out of it. If I'm already comfortable with dd's strong emotions (like I'm perfectly okay snuggling with dd and being nice to her after she has been screaming for an hour), if I don't use rewards and punishments and meaningless praise, can I still get something out of it? Dar? Are you here? Have you read this? Is it helpful? Edited to add: Don't mean to sound perfect; I am most...
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