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At that age mine was hurting the cats. They were outdoor cats, so the cats stayed outside and the front door stayed locked. On the walk between the garage or the front gate and the front door dd stayed in arms or walked very close to me, her hand in mine. It was the only way.
Quote: Wow. I didn't know ultimatums were a sin. You gave an example of a dialogue that didn't work. I told you why. Period. Well, the putting the clothes thing away was done with no nagging and no consequences for not putting them away. Pie in the sky? UUMom -- That's cool! I strive for that.
Quote: Me: "Please pick up your blocks before you go outside." Well, first of all you're giving him an ultimatum. Basically, you're saying "You can't go outside until you do this." No child will respond favorably to that. Quote: "Jonathan, pick up your blocks now." And few respond to orders very well. I get plenty of "I'm too tireds" and "I don't wanna." Guess what? There's always something on behind those "I'm too...
Quote: I don't know, does anyone tcs without allowing tv watching? I TCS. My dd wasn't exposed to television until she was 2 1/2. If it were up to me there would be no television set in the house. As it is, dh is involved in television journalism and needs a set for work. As a TCS parent I don't feel comfortable, at all, with "not allowing" dd to watch. However, over the years we have discussed together the apparent benefits and dangers of...
It's official! I'm huge! I'm so bigger than all of you! Due Nov 5. I can't take a pic now 'cause dh didn't install my software on my new laptop.
So many issues! Let's see! Sugar is not only bad for the teeth, it is also very destructive in the human organism (feeds cancer cells, weakens immune system, increases cholesterol and kills good cholesterol, etc.). I've heard several dentists say that it's better to let the kid eat tons of candy one day, then toss it, than to stretch it out over several days. My dd didn't eat a gram of sugar, as far as I know, until she was over 2. It just wasn't in our home. ...
I love his use of computer technology to translate the title of the book! :LOL Too funny! The concept is interesting but, personally, I wouldn't buy the book.
Well, yeah, I've had a very decent dialogue going with my dd since she was around 3. But, at that age, it mostly centered around feelings (How did it feel when that child said that? How does noisiness make you feel? -- she's sensitive) But firing off questions about the reasons behind an aggressive act just never worked too well. And believe me! I've screwed up plenty around the aggressiveness issue.
Hmmm, thanks Stephanie. Now that I think of it, my brother was an early reader (3) but a terrible writer who needed extra help through the early grades. I'm not sure about my own dd. All these things seem more difficult for me to call because of her trilingualism. She identifies some letters, writes some...seems satisfied so far, except with her Ss, which she writes backwards. Yesterday, inspired by this thread (and since we were making little booklets anyway) I...
I agree with Dar. I would add that small children have great difficulty facing their own errors in judgements/mistakes.
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