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Well, I just googled part of the other language. Seems to be Czech. Umm...it can be found on an amateur porn site!
In what context? (don't mean to sound sarcastic) I guess. I mean it's pretty much "teen speak", in my mind, to use it at the beginning of a sentence.
BTW It's pretty apparent why we professional translators despise these free online translators, huh?
It's Italian. The other language may be an invented language like Esperanto. Quote: praticamente io sono uscito quando nefai aveva gia ucciso un lupo e io nn avevo il tempo di fare niente perchè Hmm, the "practicamente" is a tough one. I'll translate it as "like" (like valley speak). Like, I went outside when Nefai had already killed a wolf and I didn't have time to do anything because... Quote: se lo hai e me ne fai una copia o...
No news to me.
Oh and PottyDiva - My mom wonders how I see the negative in everything too!
Were they part (invited to) of that initial sequence in which the baby lion is presented to the other animals? And when the papa lion is describing the circle of life, I believe the hyenas are described as having no part in that. Really, I'm not an expert - I barely screened the movie because my mom's friend said it was a great movie for 2 year olds! My major beef with Disney isn't racism - it's the violence, the portrayal of families (very few mothers around), the...
You will understand better when you begin to understand that subtle racism like this has nothing to do with you and how you turn out later. I could literally feel the rolling of eyes when I wrote my last post. That's OK. The hyenas - it's not about who they are and whether the actors thought it was neat to participate. It's about the message it sends because the hyenas are excluded, considered outside the "Circle of Life."
I'm not an expert. Dumbo - It's not really about the fact that the crows are portrayed as African Americans. It's more about the idea that because they are AA they can automatically relate to Dumbo's status as an outcast. Aladdin - There's something in the title song about the mideast being a barbaric place. There was some controversy over a line about mutilation. The fact that most of the ethnic characters have European features and lighter skin than they...
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