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I completely missed it.    Tracy, if you're around, is there a way or another time that I can use to make one?
There are a lot of things available around Lafayette--there's even a small zoo off I-10 on I-49 south toward New Iberia.  Once you get off the interstate, you can take the swamp tours in Henderson.  Be aware that it's going to be hot on the boat, so you might want to make sure that you have some water with you. There are also a bunch of museums in the area.  Here's a link that might give you some...
Great advice. My oldest left her laptop (which she thought that she had turned off) on our couch when we left to go shopping. When we got back, I could smell something burning--her computer was on and the heat had actually melted the keyboard. Thankfully, the couch was fine--but it taught us a very important lesson.
It doesn't make any sense that the powers that be are concerned with the mechanics of reading and not the wonder of it. I know that with my children, they learned the rules of phonics and could read, it wasn't until they wanted to read that their skill really solidified. Reading Rainbow made kids want to read. First you have to want to do something, then you can enjoy doing it. It's so sad.
Click, Clack, Moo is amazing--and there are several sequels (Dooby Dooby Moo is our favorite, but there is also Giggle, Giggle, Quack; Thump, Quack, Moo and Duck for President are also great). Diary of a Worm also has a couple of sequels--Diary of a Fly and Diary of a Spider. All of them are wonderful.
I've blocked someone from my account, and it didn't turn that person into "FB user". if he's really blocked you, you won't be able to find him on your account at all. His posts and statuses probably won't show up--even if you try to look at him through people you know are still in contact with him, although once in a while he'll still turn up. The same thing might happen if he restricts the people who can see his page really severely. FB is, I think, trying to work...
Kimberly, I agree with what you said. I know that I'm at the right place for me, and I am trying to be comfortable with where I am. Maybe I'm just not supposed to be, and I'm learning to accept that. Aubergine, what you say really resonates with me. Maybe it is part of the Catholic mystique that lends itself to the feelings that I have. I've always felt that the Catholic church understood a part of humankind that a lot of religions didn't--the need for mystery and...
Do you have time for one more? I know I'm really late, but I'd love to have a reading.
I have a problem that I don't really know how to solve, and I think I just want to talk about it (although I am interested in any advice that might be out there). I was born and raised Catholic. About 14 years ago I went through a stage of extremely fundamentalist Catholicism (most Catholics know what I mean) and came out of it about 6 years ago. I have spent a substantial amount of time trying to search out my real thoughts and beliefs and have made some...
I've only had one wisdom tooth out, but the dentist told me that within a day or so the pain should start getting better. If it started to get better but then got worse again that would be the symptom of a dry socket, and I should call immediately. I hope your teeth (or the places where they used to be) heal quickly and without complication.
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