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Quote: Originally Posted by BinahYeteirah Of course I know that. Maybe I need to brush up on my 'Nach, but I was not aware that that bad times outweighed the good, so to speak. I am feeling pretty embarrassed here, because I can't remember exactly where I read this (that there were more "good" years than "bad"). Just to take a quick example (of course this is only going off of Tanach), when the Temple was first built, it was pure then, was it not? I know...
Oh! thanks!
Scholarly discussion (includes Hebrew speakers) on the "like a lion/pierced" debate: http://www.iidb.org/vbb/showthread.php?t=159132
Quote: Originally Posted by Janelovesmax Verses 12-14 describe the value placed upn the work of the good shepherd, In verse 12, the good shepherd asks the leadership for his wages. Where does it say, he asks the "leadership?" He asks "the traffickers in the sheep." Who are they? Sound like slave traders to me, looking at the context. Quote: He is paid thirty pieces of silver which is like the value for a dead slave at that time....
This is probably a temporary thing as she adjusts her sleep wake schedule acc to her own timeclock and biological needs. Is she still taking a long late nap? It's a big change to go to bed at 8:30 when you are used to going to bed at 11.
Read this link: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/concerns/...-mastitis.html http://www.kellymom.com/bf/concerns/mom/mastitis.html Recurrent plugs/mastitis can often be helped by taking soy lechthin as a preventative measure. For now, rest, hot compresses and frequent nursing is the way to go. Drink lots of water. Follow all other tips on the link and good luck.
Quote: Originally Posted by BelgianSheepDog I thought everyone knew the enormous contributions of secular or less than devout Jews to American culture and the world. ETA: Einstein, anyone? Bruno Walter? Aaron Copland? Wendy Wasserstein! Emma Goldman...Mel Brooks, even?? here are lists, by categories, to so many famous Jews: http://famous.heebz.com/
Bernstein, of Woodward and Bernstein?
Is Hellman, Lillian Hellman, the author and wife of Dashiel Hammet? I read her stuff back in my 20s. How does she inform your agnosticism?
Is this a religion thread or a culture thread? :
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