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What is it?
We eat a lot of meat at my house and I'd like to cut that down a little bit. But, we're rather picky. Okay, I am.. DH and DS will eat almost anything.. I have texture issues, so cooked/steamed veggies are something I can't/don't eat. I finally tried couscous last week and it was okay. Any ideas? We're not really into 'exotic' stuff.. We're a 'meat and potatoes' type of family.. Thanks!
Wow, I must even more picky than I thought.. I only read 2-3 meals that sounded good.. That chicken casserole, bison burgers and something else that I can't remember now....
http://shakespeare.waterswebdns.net/~elliycom/ http://www.granolathreads.com/store/Default.asp http://www.littleearthangels.com/catalog.php?category=6 http://www.jacksmagicbeanstalk.com/c...Advocacy-Gear/
Hmm, my "excuse" was flat nipples, c-section(which I did NOT want), not seeing my son for 2.5 hours after he was born(which, I know, doesn't make much difference), not having the support I needed and not having the confidence to believe that we could do it. And DS had a lazy latch. He never really latched on very well and we tried for 3 days in the hospital and several days after we got home. I did EP for 6 months, but had to stop b/c I was going insane from PPD and...
Thanks for these stories, it reminds me that I need to teach my son about breastfeeding, so he thinks it's normal. Sadly he was bottle fed, and we don't know anyone right now that breastfeeds(well, we do, but they aren't close by). Hmm, we might have to search out some moms.. LOL.
I agree w/getting him a harnessed seat if possible, but if not, try to get a booster seat that has side impact protection, such as the Britax Parkway. A Britax Boulevard, which also has side impact protection, is another good choice. That seat goes to 65 pounds using the harness(should get a few years out of it). We have a 2000 Ford Ranger w/no backseat and ds(just turned 4) was rear-facing in it up until a couple of months ago. I really need to move his Britax...
My mom never nursed my older sister (b. '73)or me(b. '77). She said she never wanted to. My sister nursed her 2nd and 3rd child, but not for long.. Until they got teeth, I think. I exlusivly pumped for my ds for 6 months(bf'ing probs., no support, etc) and felt guilty as heck for not bf'ing and not ep'ing past 6 months. I cried during his first formula bottle.. DH(b. '71) and his older brother(b. 67, I think) was never nursed either..
Well, my 4 yr. old occupies most of his day by using 2 alphabet puzzles and hs Leap Frog alpahbet 'fridge magnets to spell various words. What about puzzles? Or some fun computer games? www.starfall.com has some really fun pre-reading stuff if you don't like the commercialized cartoon stuff(we like Nick. jr and playhouse disney). My ds really likes his wooden blocks. Kids K'nex, playdough, reading, pretending to be animals or help animals in trouble. Good luck!
My dh did once and that was only b/c I had such a horrible headache I couldn't move. If it had been anything else, no, he would not have taken off work. He took 2 days off when I had surgery in Nov., which actually surprised me. I figured it would have been one day. He doesn't take off work much for anything.
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