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I had that happen once. I thought it was wax build-up, and ended up going to the dr. b/c of it. It wasn't wax, it was fluid behind my eardrum. But if it is stuck water, try rubbing alcohol(which the link above suggested too). It works great.
Quote: Originally Posted by funshine OMG, even the teenagers??? NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I so so SO need to believe that this is a brief phase that he will grow out of soon! l Sorry.. I remember bugging the heck out of my mom even as a teenager. If she was on the phone, I had a question. Or needed something. She learned to walk outside and close the door while she was on the phone. Poor lady..... LOL
Sorry if this was discussed somewhere else, I just found it on another board and thought it was cool. http://www.komotv.com/stories/43199.htm
Ugh, I'm going through that too. My ds practically ignored me for.. I don't know how long this morning and as soon as I got up to start putting away his clothes/organize his room, he suddenly HAS to have my attention. Same when I was paying bills just now. It's so unfair. Now he's upset and wants my attention as I finish up the bills. Crazy kids... Oh, as for the phone, we're in the "I wanna TALK!" stage right now. As soon as I pick up the phone he's next to me...
bumping this b/c I'd like to know too.
Yeah, car seats are one of those things that sometimes you just have to take control of. I am new to GD, but I remember holding ds in his seat w/one arm and using the other arm to buckle him in while he screamed and tried doing his 'crocodile death roll" to get out of it. Waiting until he was ready meant we'd be sitting in the car for another hour and in CA summers, that's a really bad thing(107 degree weather, in the shade). I didn't like doing it then and I'd hate to...
Okay. I was just trying to figure out an easy way to explain to my dh. Thanks!
what would you say? What would you tell them? Is there a good short way to explain it to people?
I guess what they mean is they are "do what I say NOW or you'll get spanked" parents.
I know taking him to a different area/room would be the best idea. I'm just curious about this particular situation. In June we are going to my sisters house. They are the strict authoritarian(sp?) parents. It's going to be very chaotic w/4 kids(age 10, 7, 4 and 4) and 5 adults all under one roof for 2 weeks. Yikes.. It's not a big house either. And no internet access. ACK!! (LOL.my internet addiction gets me introuble. but that's a whole different post.)....
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