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Dangit I swear I had put a "I am a student only" choice! Argh! Oh wait I put it in the subject instead of a choice line. OOPS !!!     I guess if you are a student and not working pick "other".     Sorry!!!
Thats why I didn't say "married". 
That is very very cool! 
1. Ok so you are at $650 a month... what are you wanting to get it down to?     2. I don't think cutting out your 2 gallons of raw milk for a total of $18.00 a month is going to have a drastic effect on your budget so in my mind I would skip dropping that. The adults should give up junkfood before dropping the kids milk.     3. How many energy drinks and how much cereal does DH go through a month?     4. Have you tried making your own chips and salsa?...
It REALLY depends on where you live and your cost of living and how much debt you have. And your expectations of "how" you live.       High cost of living + high debt load = Really freaking hard if not impossible.   Low cost of living + low or no debt load + willingness to be frugal = much much easier.
A poll to see what brings you to this forum. 
Just curious which "title" is why you come and read in here.            *Edit*  I accidently put the "I am a student" choice as the poll subject. Whoops! Just choose "other" instead.
For the most part... not counting bad days.   Please vote! 
I will put in the poll to allow multiple answers incase of more than one baby mama/daddy.          Ok whoops I forgot to check the multiple answers button. Sorry! Ok pick the most recent relationship resulting in kids that made you come and read in the single parents forum.
I am wondering how many vbacs people in here have been able to sucessfully have?
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