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Hello Jamie, Thank you again for your wonderful insight! We have been looking for a house for a long time, can you see our new house? When will we find it? What will it look like? Where will it be? We're all getting a little anxious. Thank you so much!
Hello Jamie, thank you for your responses so far. Your response on my question about my career path was so wonderful to hear and exactly what I can see myself doing. Thank you. Another thing that's been on my mind...What do you see as far as my marriage concerned? When will this cease to be a source of discontent? And what, if anything, should I do about it? Sorry, is that more than one question?
Hi Jaime! Thank you for this wonderful opportunity, it has been a lot of fun. You have a wonderful gift. So, my question is....Do you see me as a physical therapist, should I continue this journey? Or is there a different career path that is right for me? Thank you!
First of all, thank you so much for you response to my question about my kids, it touched my heart so much and put things in perspective. I'm working on the things you mentioned and will have more questions about that later. But I would like to ask a question for my mother. Right now she is in a place temporarily and is a bit anxious about the future. Can you tell me anything about where she might end up, with who, doing what? Thank you!
Hello Jamie, thank you for this opportunity. I am all but convinced that something is off in regards to the health of my three youngest children. They just don't seem right and have pain that doesn't make sense. I trust my mother's intuition that something is wrong, but have no idea what it is and need help knowing where to start looking. Thanks! Andrea
Hi Ladies, We just moved to the cities from St. Cloud and I need some referrals for a good family practice or pediatrician in the northern part of the cities. Sorry to be so vague, but we are staying with family in Shoreview while we look for a house, my husband works in White Bear Lake, but we're looking all over from Anoka to North St.Paul, so I'm not sure where we'll end up. I would travel a good distance for a doc that was worth it though. I would like a more...
This is our first year hsing and it is going really well. One of the many reasons we decided to homeschool is that my now 7th grader tends to grasp math well and quickly and was frusterated that he had to stay with the class that, as you know, many struggle with math so they move slowly. We started out with Aleks math online and he has been loving it. He loves that he doesn't have to write so much and that he can move at his own pace. Which is great! Every so often...
I just wanted to chime in and say that I distinctly remember 3 being a very difficult time with my dd. And I also remember that by 3 1/2 it got a lot better. Hang in there momma.
My dd was still an occasional night wetter at 5 yo. I saw a bottle of these http://humphreysusa.com/personal-bedwetting-pellets.htm on clearance at my local grocer, so I thought I would give them a try. I wasn't very good at giving them every day, so it could have just been that she was ready, but she hasn't had an accident for a long while now and we are completely out of night diapers. Maybe it's worth a try? Good luck!
I can relate! My guys just turned 2 and they are pretty good at trading, but there are still many fights! What's worse is that my 5 year old usually sees what fun is being had and wants one of her own. So I tend to need 3 of things. ie. the twins just turned 2 and someone got them balloons, well of course dd wants to play with one and then that leaves one twin without. That's when the battles really rage.
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