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Hi! Welcome to mdc.
Hi! Welcome to mdc.
I dont have the book yet, but was cruising the net looking for info about it and found this... http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/native-nutrition/ It looks like a pretty active group who are really into fallon's book.
Quote: Originally posted by cinnamonamon Aster...didn't you become a senior member last week?! And you're already at 1183! yup i'm a
It takes so much hard work to make dreams come true. But so worth it when it happens. What a drag that your 's leaking!!
Ok, this is the flipside to the Things One Says to a Pregnant Woman thread. Please list the things that you'd like to hear!! ps, i hope you dont mind me barging in on the 'im pregnant' forum when i'm not pg!!
We're getting there. Upstairs and the basement are done. Most of the main floor is finished. DH is done work a couple of days earlier than we expected. I'm not sure if that'll mean that we get the packing finished up twice as fast though. It'll probably take twice as long. I think i'm going to pick up a pack of disposie's. Dont tell the patrol though. How are you guys doing with your move?
:LOL yup
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