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mmmmMMMMMMmmmmmmm carbs!! i've been craving carbs so badly lately
A. LABELS Do you see the value of avoiding even neutral or positive labels? yes! positive labels can be very hard to live up to. neutral labels can be confining. MR tells us that NVC does not require us to stay objective, just to separate our evaluations from observations. What would an evaluaton without labels look like? straight oberservation without judgement stirred into the mix, so this is parts 1 and 2 of the 4 part nvc process, right? evaluatoin withoug...
One of the books that i've read (protein power lifeplan) talks about eggs, and it mentions oxidized cholesterol. It basically said that if you break the yolk (scrambled egg style) that the cholesterols in the yolk will oxidize. Apparently this oxidized cholesterol is nasty--it can cause artheriosclerosis. They recommend trying to keep the yolk whole to limit the amount of the cholesterol in the yolk that can come in contact with the oxygen in the air to prevent...
Quote: Also, I wonder if IKEA in the States is the same here. For big stuff, you must write down some info from the tag: the aisle and place you will find the item in the warehouse-type area right before you hit the cash registers. You have to get a trolley and actually get the stuff off the shelves yourself. If it's heavy, good luck finding someone to help you. That's what it's like here in canada.
MamaMonica~your sweater is *glorious*! (zippers scare me)
Mdc's my sanctuary too, glad you like it here.
omg, you scared me, i almost didnt open the thread! I've lived 12 hrs away from the nearest ikea for the last 3 years (talk about withdrawl!!!), and as part of our 'big move' i'm planning an ikea shopping spree. I cant wait to go toy shopping!! I'm bringing along the quality control officer to test the merchandise before we buy.
aww, that is very cute!! boo brought home a couple of sticks today =) It's not much of a collection, but he's young yet
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