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Pam_and_Abigail, check out the chart halfway down this page, it tells which plastics to avoid and what to look for. http://www.thegreenguide.com/reports...ml?id=44&sec=3 I think i'm going to try to phase out all plastic food containers, the more i read about this issue, the more studies show that it's just not the best choice. Some of the plastics that the GG say are okay to use, i have a problem with using because those plastics make things taste plasticky. I'm...
Quote: Originally posted by cinnamonamon Yea right, Aster -- just toss those dirty dishes & all that dirty laundry in a box & throw it in the back of the truck!! :LOL :LOL i've actually done that before (i picked up extra shifts at work instead of packing, it seemed like a good idea at the time )
ChildoftheMoon~ty ty ty! I'm trying not to stress over the move, things are coming together really nicely. I'm trying to just go with the flow....
T MaryTG~please check your pm's if you see this.
I'm really uncomfortable about this kind of play too. I was beaten as a child, and it seems like there are a million of other ways to play with children that dont include the word "whuppings" or make spanking into play. I'm feeling a little nauseous about the whole thing. I guess, in my perfect world a child wouldnt even know what a spanking is.
good gossip!? hm, i have good gossip about aster...she's sitting at the computer when she should be doing a thousand other things that need to be done before the BIG MOVE!
oh, and you guys are stuck with me until friday =)
what's his name? is it eyeore?
The other day, boo didnt want to wear his coat so i just brought it with. As soon as we got outside, he let me put it on him. It's darn cold here too. I figure, if he gets cold, he'll want the coat on.
25 mos!
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