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Does anyone make liquid castile soap? Just wondering, where do you find potassium hydroxide? Do you have a tried and true recipe/method that you can share with me? Can you link me to a good liquid soap making website? I just made my first batch of solid soap yesterday and was amazed that it actually seems to be working. I guess i'll find out in a few weeks if i was successful or not. Anyways, i've got the soap bug now, and i'm curious about the liquid soap making...
Hi! Welcome to mdc.
Sure, you could post in different places to get more responses. Are you guys doing any baby signs? If he's signing at all, you can still use the approach that i described. I remember when boo would get "lightbulb" moments when he realized that he could get his needs met in other ways when he was an early toddler. Little people get so frustrated bc they have so few ways to communicate. Really try to focus on the kind of attention that you want to see. Remember...
I'm right smack dab in the middle of prairie canada...i'd gladly trade in the snow for something warmer. It was so cold and windy today.
that was awesome
Hm, interesting. We've had a lot of broken glass around here lately too (the result of toddler experiments). I hadnt thought of it in symbolic terms though. Themes that come to mind are chaos, disorder, fragility of the human spirit, change, fragmentation...
Just dont eat the yellow snow! :LOL All boo wanted to do outside was eat the snow.
nak have you tried telling him how you'd like him to try to get your attention? eg: comes up to bite you* pick him up so he cant bite say--you wanted my attention so you tried to bite me. biting hurts and i dont like being bitten when you want my attention i'd like you to then say--try it now!!
I guess it's not all bad. It's probably the only real taste of winter we'll get this year bc we're moving to a much more temperate clime. We've been wearing our winter gear on and off for over a month here.
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