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There was no way we could have missed the gender of our ds on his u/s!! lol That said i absolutely wanted to know if the baby was a boy or grrl. I think it's easier to bond with a he or a she than an 'it'. "It" was just soooo impersonal, it seemed like we were talking about an inanimate object like a rock ykwim? Happy healthy prenancy to you!!
http://www.poopockets.com/free/footies/footies.htm just wanted to share this pattern i found!! looks like they would stay on really well i'm thinking of making a pair for my ds (who just started walking whoo hoo!) with suede for the sole and something like fleece for the upper i enlarged the pattern, hope it works
This mid-winter gift-giving season i'm planning on doing some watercolour paintings on a medium weight watercolour paper and throwing them into dollarstore frames. Watercolour paints can be incredibly inexpensive and you can get the paper at most department stores now ( i have some left over from those before child days) I was planning on doing simple landscapes, nothing too detailed, and nothing very realistic. Easy monochromatic colour schemes too--sepias,...
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