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We made it through the storm without baby showing up. We had a great kit all ready. She's here now. It's a good thing I was prepared though. She was born after only 4 1/2 hours of labor! Thanks for the replies.
We will be traveling about 2.5 hours to the hospital where I plan to have the baby. It's the only one that will do a VBA2C. I had a successful VBA2C there two years ago, and they were completely amazing. I'm past my EDD, and should have the baby anytime now. On Tuesday there is a big snowstorm coming into our area, the hospital's area, and of course, our route of travel. I'm thinking that having an emergency birth kit in the car might be a good idea in case we get...
I am currently at the end of my fourth HG pregnancy. (I was due yesterday) The beginning is always the worst. If you're at 14 weeks, it will likely ease at least a little, soon. Are you taking any meds? If you become dehydrated, it can make the HG worse. Have you been able to have any IV fluids at all? Do you think you could be dehydrated? There are lots of things that can help, but delivery is really the only cure. Hope you feel better soon!
My first 2 children were born by emergency c-section, and I never got to the pushing stage (or even past 6cm) but my third was a VBAC, and my first vaginal birth. I pushed for less than 9 minutes. No one is sure exactly how long, because it happened so fast we didn't check the time, but the doctor said it was definitely less than 9 minutes. It was only 3 contractions of pushing. Crazy fast!!
He's totally cleared up now. No more problems. It was gone that day. I really think it was from not changing underwear.
I deleted this post on the request of my son. We no longer need advice, and he'd rather not have info about his personal areas out on the web.
I get a lot of yeast infections, and I was told that although it's fairly safe in pregnancy (I never checked that because it wasn't prescribed) it is not effective. I was told that it just doesn't work. If you're confident in your provider, and they think it's safe, necessary, and will work, I would go for it, and I wouldn't worry very much in the last trimester. Almost all Developement is done, and baby is mainly just getting bigger now.
When I decided to start vaccinating my children, they were 3 and almost 5. What I did was go to the CD page where the official USA schedule is. http://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/schedules/hcp/child-adolescent.html#printable I printed the official schedule, and catchup schedule. Then I dug in, and searched through to figure out exactly how many of each vaccine my children needed to be "fully vaccinated" I wrote it all down, highlighting the relevant parts where my children needed...
Actually, I'm not in Washington anymore. We're in Kansas. I guess I should update my profile. DH is military, so we move a lot. I couldn't find ANY doctors to do a VBAC when we lived there, but that was in King County, and over five years ago. We have to drive 3 hours to Kansas City for the doctor here. Thank goodness I have long labors! Good luck!
I had a successful VBAC after 2 c-sections 18 months ago. I had my baby in the hospital, because I felt more comfortable with the OB I chose than any of the home birth midwives I had met. I'm of the mind to pick my birth attendant, not the place of birth, although I do take that into consideration. My frat two children were both attempted Home births that ended in transfer, and ultimately C sections. My VBAC after 2 Cs was wonderful. I did have an epidural, and for me,...
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