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Also looking! In upstate NY, could travel to NYC area or other areas :)  
Also in the Ithaca area, so waiting to hear :)  
Also shared on my Facebook :)  
Love the tips especially on connecting with friends and family: writing letters, a "wonder board". And my house needs a "sanctuary" badly! :)  
Shared and liked both on Facebook :) 
My favorite thing about babywearing is the snuggles and closeness it allows for with my son. I also really appreciated avoiding hauling a stroller through the subway system in NYC when he was small :)
What town are you in? Just moved to Ithaca! How old are your kids? DS is 2.5 How did you find MDC? Gosh, it's been a while...maybe through the magazine? Or a friend told me about it. Are you interested in meeting other MDC moms? Sure! What's your favorite holistic place in your area? (restaraunt, other business, etc). Mama Goose! Greenstar, Jillian's Drawers... Moosewood Rest
bumping this up to see if anyone has any more info.. We will be moving to Ithaca in a month and I guess I gotta start thinking about all this
Quote: Originally Posted by BrooklynDoula I think that privacy is always a primary issue and the BBC nor any of the other people (besides the parents) are not really at liberty to discuss what it was that happened, because that would violate the parent's right to privacy. While I do not know the story, a poor outcome likely means that a baby was born still, which happens. It is always a tragedy and always worth looking into to make sure it was not...
Quote: Originally Posted by robina_josephine a, i had some oversupply issues early on to. give me a call if you want to talk about it -- block feeding is your friend. everyone else (hi gusty! hi mary catherine!), i'm as always down to meet up. i haven't checked FYT for ages but i'm glad to see a new brooklyn mamas thread. Hi Everyone! : Just want to put in my vote for block feeding too! We had a couple months of hellish bfing that...
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